Ease Neck Tension with Simple Stretches (As seen in NBC News Better)

Staring at a computer all day can start to have negative impacts on your body, especially when it comes to neck pain! 

In a world where almost every job relies on sitting at a desk and looking at a computer, it’s important to address the strains it may be placing on your body. Even if you don’t have a desk job, you most likely look down to check your phone frequently throughout the day. These simple neck motions, when done with improper posture, can start to take a toll on your body. If you have been experiencing neck pain or tension, you may want to take the time to do neck stretches. These stretches have been specifically designed to help release all the tension that has built up in your neck. 

For a full list of stretches and how to do them that I shared with NBC News Better, click here!  



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