Easy Cellulite Blasting Tips

When bathing suit season rolls around, many women start to worry about their cellulite. Here are some easy cellulite blasting tips to lift, tighten, and tone your butt and upper thighs:

-Standing with feet as wide as your hips, engage your abs and point your right toe behind you. Slowly lift your straight right leg up a few inches, and then tap back down. Engage your lower glute and upper hamstring and lift up and down. Repeat this 20 times.

-On your hands and knees, point your right leg back, keeping it straight, and slowly lift it up to the level of your hip, then lower down. Repeat 20 times working the same area: lower glute and upper hamstring.

-Lunges: Step one foot forward and one food back. Bend the front knee directly over the front ankle, and bend the back knee straight down towards the ground. Press the front heel into the ground to stand up. By pressing down with the front heel (instead of the toes), you’re activating the upper hamstring and glutes, and also avoiding knee injury. Repeat 20 times per leg.

-Lying on your stomach, legs up towards the ceiling. Straighten your legs, and slowly lower them down a couple of inches, being sure to keep your abs engaged. Squeeze your inner thighs together, squeeze your butt, turn your toes out and quickly clap your heals together. Repeat 20 times, squeezing your hamstrings and butt muscles. You can repeat this exercise while lying on your stomach, with your legs straightened behind you. Lift them up off of the ground, squeeze, and clap.

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One thought on “Easy Cellulite Blasting Tips

  1. I have never had cellulite before, but then I quit soccer and a few years later I started getting cellulite, its not bad cellulite like most people, but I would like to know how to get rid of it before it gets bad. Im already trying to get back into my running and drinking water. How can I build more muscle in my thighs?

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