Easy Workouts To Do Around The Office (As Seen On WCIU TV Chicago)

While working a nine to five, it feels hard to make time for a normal workout. Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour appeared on WCIU TV Chicago on The Jam with some quick exercises you can do around the office.

From waiting for the printer to just sitting at your desk here are some quick exercises you cando with objects found around the office!

Use Your Wasted Time Waiting for the Printer!

When you’re printing something, it can feel like time is wasted while waiting. Insteadyou can sit down and place a package of printer paper on the top of your ankles. Thenpull your abs in keep your legs straight and lift the legs up. This exercise works the innerthighs and the quads as well as burning calories and building strength.

A Case of Water or Weights?

If you have some spare time, and a case of water lying around the office, this is a greaterexercise to do! Hold the case of water, pull the abs in and then lower down into thesquat. If you feel good after doing the squat a couple of times, you can step it up byadding an overhead press with the water.

Using Everyday Desk Objects is a Great Option!

Spring and Summer are around the corner and with that comes short sleeves! To toneyour arms, you can use staplers as one pound weights for bicep curls. While doing thisexercise you should hug the elbows in by your sides and then curl up towards yourshoulders. To make it a bit more challenging you can hold two staplers in one handmaking it more of a two to three pound weight.

Don’t Be Idle at Your Desk!

While working, a lot of that time can be spent at your desk. A great option is to try thisexercise that works your core while sitting at your desk. First touch the desk lightly, liftyour feet a couple of inches off the ground and squeeze your inner thighs. Then withyour abs tight, scooch back a little bit and then pull yourself forward. Make sure thatyou aren’t using your arms, that’s cheating!

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch for Work:

 Although walking somewhere close to your office and getting something quick is tempting, it’sbetter to pack your lunch. An easy way to jazz up your everyday lunch is to add healthy pasta.My personal favorite is Dreamfields pasta, it has seven grams of protein and five grams of fiber.

For more nutritional advice I offer a 7-Day Easy Meal Plan + Recipe Book.

Good luck and stay active around the office!



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