What To Eat on Thanksgiving

While tomorrow signifies a feast for many, a lot of us are worried about over-eating and over-indulging during the holidays. However, instead of eating too much of the same old stuff, maybe you can branch out and find a few new favorite foods at your big meal tomorrow. Here are a few foods to add more variety into your diet – and Thanksgiving is a prime time to find new foods!

  • Cooked green veggies: Often times you’ll find spinach, green beans, salads, and maybe even brussel sprouts – but not the kind you’d cook yourself in a pan of oil. These green veggies are often mixed with nuts, spices, or other flavorful ingredients and are a great source of nutrients.
  • Yams, sqaush, and carrots: These foods have tons of minerals and are usually prepared in a delish way. But if you see sweet potatoes topped with tons of marshmallows or brown sugar, just gently brush this off so as not to overload your body with sugar.
  • Turkey: A great source of protein. Have a serving size that’s the size of your fist.
  • Fruits: Cranberries, apple sauce, and fruit salads are a great alternative to lubricate your meat instead of something more fattening and less nutritious such as gravy.

Bottom line: Get in a good variety of healthy foods – this is your fuel!! Also be mindful of how much you are eating. By watching your portions, you’ll have more room for a variety of foods, which is very beneficial to your health. So eat up!



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  1. Steph, that is AWESOME advice!!!! Oh, maybe drink lots of water sometime that morning before your big feast, with some fiber too. That’ll fill you up so you do not get tempted to overeat!!!

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