Exercises to Do in a Hotel

On the go and staying in hotel rooms? It’s important to exercise even while you’re traveling in order to maintain muscle and cardio endurance, not to mention energy levels! Here are some quick exercises you can do while traveling:

-Hit the stairwell and warm up by jogging up and down for three minutes, then start taking the steps two at a time.

-Jog for five minutes in place before taking a shower at the end of the day.

-Drop and do 20 push ups as fast as you can when you wake up in the morning.

-While waiting for the shower water to get hot, lie on the ground and bust out 50 crunches.

-Do squats around your hotel room while you’re on a conference call.

-Do some light stretching before you leave for the day to get your blood flowing and boost your productivity during the day.

Changing the way you live is as much mental as it is physical. Need a guide to get mentally on track to improving your lifestyle? My 30 Day Workbook has helped many women get there!

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