How To Feel Confident At Your Holiday Parties


Tis the season of…body anxiety? If you suffer from poor body image and lack confidence when you’re out with colleagues or friends, check out these tips to feel more comfortable and happy in your own skin:

  • Find an outfit or makeup that accentuates a body part that you DO like instead of trying to find an outfit that covers something up. By focusing on your positive, favorite feature, you’ll be feeling more confident in your own skin.
  • Accept a compliment! Give the compliment giver the gift of you being able to receive it. It feels great making other people feel good, right? So don’t let your own insecurities drag the other person down. Graciously accept compliments, whether or not you believe them!
  • Stand tall and pull your abs in like you’re zipping a tight pair of pants. Proper posture immediately signals to others that you are confident. You are owning your own space and are carrying yourself strongly. Bring your shoulders up to your ears, back, and down, and pull in your low abs.
  • Pump yourself up! Tell yourself 5 things you like about yourself before you walk into a holiday party. Is this hard? Try to do it anyways, and focus on these positive traits or body parts whenever you start engaging in negative self talk.

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