Fitness Coach Tips: Stretches for Golfers

Chicago women’s fitness coach Stephanie Mansour demonstrates stretches you can do on the golf course before your first round.

If you haven’t played golf in a while and you would like to return to “the club”, no shame! I am here to talk about five stretches to do before you take your first swing of the season. These stretches will help you to be fully physically prepared to golf.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or how experienced of a golfer you are. In my work as a fitness coach, I’ve found that golfers of any level and age can do these stretches.

For these stretches, we’ll be working the hamstring, the waist, torso, the hip flexor, the legs, lower back and the wrist. 

You can do them on the front lawn at home, in the golf cart or even in the club’s clubhouse.

You are susceptible to less injury during your game if you stretch before golfing, and you will feel more energized and prepared to take your first swing on the field!

Stretching is practice before you start your game, and practice makes perfect, eh?

Watch the clip to check out my stretching action. I was at The Captain’s Club at Woodfield in Grand Blanc, Michigan for this video.

That’s right, just like for any sport, it’s important to stay limber. Especially if you haven’t golfed in 6-9 months, we’ve got to loosen up some tight muscles to improve your golf game!

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