The Best Fitness Gifts for Father’s Day 2018 (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Looking for the best fitness gifts for Father’s Day? If you’re shopping for Father’s Day fitness gifts, look no further! As a Health and Fitness expert and Weight Loss Coach, I stopped by ABC Chicago to show you my favorite workout and gym gifts for men!


1. Sneaky Gift to Get Dad Fit this Father’s Day

If you’re trying to nudge Dad in a healthy direction, my favorite fitness gift is a gift certificate for a personal training session, a Pilates session, or a Yoga session.

Personal training is great for someone who wants to or needs to lose weight, or just needs to get back in the gym. If your dad has low back pain or needs to strengthen his core, Pilates will help with that. If he struggles with really tight muscles and needs to become more flexible, a Yoga session is the ticket.

Here’s a trick–don’t just purchase the session, also schedule it! Put it on your dad’s calendar so he will automatically feel more invested in going since he’ll have to call to reschedule or cancel if need be.

2.  Fitness Trackers, Speakers, and Music for Dad

I love this Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker because it looks so sharp and it’s something that dad will love! The retro look combined with the functionality is a great gift for Father’s Day.

If your dad goes to the gym or loves to run, he’ll also love these Jaybird wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are all the rage!

Let’s not forget fitness trackers. But don’t buy just any old fitness tracker. Check out these beautiful and professional looking watches by Fossil. They even help track sleep! They’re hybrid smartwatches and can sync with your dad’s phone!

3. Look the Part: The Gear Dad Needs

If dad loves lifting weights, this Kettle Gryp is super cool. All you have to do is put a dumbbell of any weight amount into the contraption, and you’re ready to exercise.

I encourage my private weight loss clients to lift weights that feel comfortable for them, starting with 10 repetitions per exercise. To help with pain management and pain relief, check out this kit from Gaiam that includes a foam roller, body roller, and a ball to roll your feet with at your desk at work or even on the couch!

Tervis makes great insulated water bottles, and if your dad is a baseball fan, I love the Chicago Cubs version!

My mom always says, “If you don’t know what to get dad, you can’t go wrong with socks and underwear!” That’s why I love these 2(X)ist athletic socks because they’re super soft and have a little zipper pouch to put your key or money in. A lot of my private weight loss clients don’t like lugging a bunch of stuff to the gym, and your dad probably isn’t into carrying a man bag. So this is a simple way to only bring the essentials.

Moisture control undies to wear underneath workout shorts are also a great Father’s Day gift option as well.

4. Men’s Organic Grooming

I often talk about women taking holistic approachs to health from all angles, including beauty products. But this is really becoming a trend for men’s grooming products, too.

If dad shaves quite often, check out this Kopari coconut melt that is the ultimate shave oil and 100% organic!

Oars & Alps also makes moisturizers and products that help with puffy eyes and dark circles!

Finally, Shea Terra Organics creates moisturizing oils that are gender-neutral. These are all things that a man may not buy for himself, but as a health-conscious woman they would be great gifts to give to a guy.

Finally, if you’re looking to get someone healthier without hitting them over the head with it, try modeling healthy behavior! Specifically for women I’ve created private weight loss programs and free weight loss challenges. As a private weight loss coach for women, I’ve helped my clients speak up to family members and their spouses and actually influence them to become healthier, too. So, it’s a win-win!

As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.

If you’re looking for a life coach, a wellness coach, or a confidence coach in Chicago and beyond, you’ve come to the right place! As a certified personal trainer for women, Yoga Instructor in Chicago, Pilates Instructor in Chicagoland, and certified professional life coach in Chicago, I work with successful women across the country as a private weight loss coach for women.

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