Fool-Proof Your New Year’s Resolutions As Seen on WNEM TV 5

Feeling intimidated by setting another New Year’s Resolution this year, and worried you may not succeed? We’ve got some tips to fool-proof your resolution in today’s Step It Up with Steph.

If you’ve had a hard time with resolutions in the past, you’re not alone! Less than 10% of the population keeps their New Year’s Resolutions!

So whatever your resolution is, whether it’s to lose weight, eat healthier, or be more cognizant of your budget, it’s important to set aside some ME time.

By doing things that are good for YOU you’ll be training your brain to be more mindful and be more positive to yourself. Building self-confidence as a woman is a really important factor to help achieve your resolutions. You have to have a strong relationship with yourself first to be able to act on your goals. My 30 Day Workbook is the ideal place to begin to build that self-confidence.

Spend time reading your favorite book! Taking just 10 or 15 minutes out of your busy day to read helps to relax your mind and unwind. Reading before bedtime is great because of this.

Finally, carve out family time so that you can be connected to the ones you love. Or, setting aside time to phone a friend and have a nice conversation is another way to feel and spread love with yourself and others.

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