How to Model Healthy Body Image and Eating Habits (as seen in Chicago’s Daily Herald)

Chicago weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour spoke with Colette A. Harris a correspondent from the Daily Herald and shared some of the most important steps women can take to build healthier eating habits and a positive body image for themselves.

We all want our daughters to feel confident, in control, and in love with themselves, but these are hard traits to teach! The best way to instill health and hope into the future is to model these traits to your children yourself. Think that’s easier said than done? Read on!

I spoke with Colette A. Harris, a correspondent for the Daily Herald, and shared some of the most important steps women can take to build healthier eating habits and a positive body image. Read the article Modeling Positive Eating Habits for Our Daughters, here and check out the highlights below.

When you take back control of your life, you give permission to your daughter to take control of hers!

Here are the powerfully effective ways the clients in my weight loss programs for women make the shift to self-love and empowered living that supports their own healthy habits and body image and their ability to instill positive habits  and self-love for their daughters as well:

  • Modeling positive eating habits and how to lead by example.
  • The importance of acknowledging your own long-standing beliefs about food and nutrition.
  • Rethinking food as fuel instead of as a reward.
  • Talking about media images, messages, and marketing together.
  • Cooking together for a great way to bond and a fun way to explore healthy recipes together.
  • Teaching self-love because the words we speak and think have power. Change your words, change your life!

I’m more than just a weight loss coach. I help women feel more committed and connected to themselves, which helps them see that healthy choices actually make them feel better, and know that they’re worthy and deserve to feel good.

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