Four Natural Insomnia Remedies for Back to School Season (As Seen on Fox 32)

Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour dropped by Fox 32 with practical tips to help you unwind and induce sleep naturally. One in four Americans deal with sleep problems. Since a good night’s rest is crucial for health and wellness, these four tips might just change your life.

The kids are going back to school and we’re going back to the swing of routine! Now is the perfect time to take a second look at your nightly rituals and see if they’re serving your health and fitness goals. If you struggle to fall asleep, or you struggle to stay asleep, this is the first place to start.

As a private weight loss coach, I teach a holistic path to health and wellness. The clients in my private weight loss programs for women want to lose weight and make it last, and sometimes a big part of meeting that goal is simply addressing their sleep habits. Sometimes a good night’s rest and drinking more water really is all it takes!

How to Relax and Fall Asleep Naturally

Snack Smarter at Night

Most people can’t make it without a snack before bedtime. The end goal is to slowly teach your body not to grab for sugary snacks after dinner, and to not need to eat again because it’s much easier to fall and stay asleep if dinner was the last meal of the day.

At night, your digestive system slows down so food left in your belly overnight can start to ferment and irritate your bowels or cause bloating that wakes you up.

However, if you’re used to a late-night snack, here’s a great idea I learned from my recent visit to Hilton Head Health, a wellness retreat and weight loss resort in Hilton Head. I loved their philosophy on food and their practical tips for snacking! They had a whole snack bar and encouraged eating little snacks throughout the day, and even at night after dinner before bed.

So in Chicago, I created my own version of their snacks! Grab some single serving Ziploc containers and fill them with healthy snacks like dried fruit, crackers, or cottage cheese. Store them in your cupboard so when you just have to munch, you can easily grab one of them instead of reaching for a whole bag of snacks and distractedly eating handful after handful.

Relaxing Nightly Exercises
If you’re used to working out at night, that might be hindering your ability to fall asleep. Make sure you don’t choose a workout that amps you up in the evening.

Try a gentle Pilates or yoga routine instead.

My private weight loss clients love the five-minute yoga routine on my Step It Up With Steph DVD because it’s gentle and relaxing, but also helps them release energy leftover from the day and prepares them for a deep sleep.

What’s in Your Cup?

Many of my private weight loss clients love a glass of wine in the evening. Me too! But the sugar and sulfites in alcohol often leave me feeling groggy come morning because those things impede sleep.

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine, try FitVine. It’s super delicious, low in sugar, calories, and sulfites and a glass or two won’t leave you with a grainy headache.

Warm herbal teas are always a great option at night too. Lavender, chamomile, and peppermint are all great sleep aids.

Get Cozy With It

Does your bed make you want to dive in and snuggle up? If it doesn’t, maybe it’s time for a new mattress or just some new sheets. I love my Molecule sheets because they breathe easier than normal sheets (making them a great option if you’re hitting menopause and experiencing hot flashes!) and are so soft.

Give yourself time to relax in your bedroom with some candles, aromatherapy, and scented lotion. (I love the ultrasonic diffusers by Saje Wellness!)Teach your body that it’s time to relax and go to sleep. These small indulgences reap huge rewards for your health.

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As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.

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