Full Body HIIT Workout for Weight Loss (As Seen on NBC News Better)

As a personal fitness trainer in Chicago, I often get asked about short workouts that can yield fast results. To these questions I always inform my clients about HIIT workouts! These workouts include short bursts of exercises with periods of less intense active recovery. I designed this 15-minute full body workout for my clients who needed to lose fat and gain strength quickly, and the best part is it only takes 45 minutes a week! 

The first circuit in this free workout is the straightforward HIIT.  I designed this circuit  based on moving the body forward and backward and up and down. You’ll find common exercises that don’t require any equipment such as squats, push ups, and planks. 

The second circuit is the sideways HIIT. This circuit was designed to work you laterally. These movements go from side to side and include side lunges, bicycle abs, and tricep dips. The exercises in this circuit also don’t require any equipment and are perfect for a workout on the go! 

Are you interested in trying this equipment-free, full body, 15 minute workout I designed with NBC News Better? Click here!




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