This Fun Partner Workout Is The Best Exercise For Toned Legs

I’m back with my favorite fitness partner, Jenny Milkowski! My private weight loss clients love strong, sleek, and toned thighs and so do we! That’s why we teamed up to bring you this awesome partner workout–a leg exercise that strengthens those glutes, too!

Partner Side Lunge Workout

To do this side lunge, grab a medicine ball between your hands and start with your feet together. Next, step your left foot out to the left. Bend the left knee while keeping the right leg straight.

Now, sit back into your left glute and then press off your left heel to come back to center while lifting your left knee up to balance on the center leg. Pass the medicine ball to your partner.

Do 5-10 reps and then switch sides with your partner to work the other leg!

This move requires balance, but it is really fun especially with a partner!

This is one of the best leg exercises for women because it works all of the muscles in the legs. This leg exercise works the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even the stability muscles and tendons of the lower leg.

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