Got 15 minutes? Get a Workout in! Easy 3-in-1 Exercises As Seen on WGN Chicago

Short on time and looking for the biggest bang for your buck in your workout? Health & Fitness Expert and Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour dropped by WGN to demonstrate  these easy, total body workout moves!


Don’t let procrastination get you down. There’s still time to sneak in a workout to get your heart pumping and your muscles strong. When you’re short on time, you naturally move faster and more efficiently! Why not use that to your advantage?

Watch the video for the full workout and to see modified versions. Read on to learn more about these and other awesome exercises featured in Steph’s Free 21 Day Challenge.



How to Stay Fit and Toned Even on a Tight Schedule

I talk a lot about efficient workouts in my weight loss programs for woman. My clients all agree—workouts don’t have to be a huge ordeal! Once they make that mental shift—and learn even one round of the following exercises can boost their mood, confidence, and health—they’re hooked!

These three easy workouts will boost your confidence and self-esteem. You got this! So jump off the couch. Close the laptop for a minute. Put on your tennis shoes and say “Yes!” to your health.

And the best part? You don’t even have to go to the gym to get these workouts in!

Lose Weight, Look Great with These 3-in-1 Full Body Workouts

Knock out three different exercises with just one full body move!
The following three workouts are each a combination of three different exercises. The goal is to do three rounds at ten reps per exercise, but hey! If you only have time to do one set or one round, that’s OK! You will feel awesome and empowered because you took the time you did have to do something positive for yourself.

The Super Side Lunge
Side Lunge, bent over row pull, then step back to center and do an overhead press. This works your legs, glutes, upper back, and shoulders.

The Plank to Push-Up
Side plank, thread the needle, then do a half push up. This works your side waist, abs, obliques, upper back, and arms.

The Power Squat
Wide leg open toe squat, side extension, and then stand up on tip toes. This works your inner thighs, glutes, upper arms, shoulders, and calves.

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