Hamstring Exercise with Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski

Chicago Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour and TV Personality Jenny Milkowksi demonstrate a dynamic hamstring exercise you can do as a partner workout. Grab a ball and check out the video to learn how to stabilize your core, improve your posture, and increase power and mobility all by strengthening your hamstrings!

You know those ‘ol hamstrings you never think about? Turns out they are good for more than you realize! Got lower back pain? It’s probably a sign of tight hamstrings! Get stretchin’! Prone to leg injuries or poor posture? Build hamstring strength.

The clients in my weight loss programs for women get more than just support to shed their extra pounds. As a weight loss coach, I know that to feel great about your body you need to be able to move freely in your body. If you want more flexibility and more strength to do the activities you love or have always wanted to try, small daily practices go a long way!

Hamstring Exercise with a Workout Ball

Grab a friend and try to this dynamic hamstring workout! It’s an easy and fun exercise that will help lengthen and strengthen your hamstrings (and your glutes! Bonus!).

1) Hold your ball in front of you and face your partner.

2) Pull your abs in tight and extend your arms out in front of you with the ball.

3) Extend of leg back to work the hamstrings and glutes.

4) Bring the leg back to center.

5) Repeat with opposite leg.

6) Do a set of 10, and if you’re up for it—challenge yourself to do three sets!

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Photo of Steh and Jenny working t

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