Healthier at Taco Bell or Moe's?

Check out what people in the suburbs of Detroit have to say about how healthy Taco Bell is (or is not!), and how Moe’s compares to fast food!

One thought on “Healthier at Taco Bell or Moe's?

  1. Hey steph,
    It’s me. I have seen2-4 of the videos . Cool stuff. I saw this episode of Oprah today aboout food and It is probably on now. Very interesting in the food choices, She (Oprah) spoke to the founder of Chipotle and as I watched this I thoought of the show. Check it out if you can. Have a great one.


    PS Maybe you can assist parents with baby steo healthy food choices for kids. Would you like to come to a future event and chat about health kid friendly foods?

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