Healthy BBQ Swaps and Healthy Dishes for a BBQ As Seen on Fox Good Day New York Street Talk

Chicago’s best health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Fox New York’s Good Day Street Talk morning show with Antwan Lewis to talk about healthy BBQ foods for the summer:

Fox New York

Summer is in full swing and some argue that it’s the most challenging time of the year (besides the holidays) to lose weight! That’s not the case for my clients, though. You see, you can still be committed to your health & fitness goals while enjoying life!

And if you can’t enjoy life, then what’s the point of trying to reach your goals?!

I stopped by Fox New York recently to discuss healthier alternatives to our summer BBQ favorites. More on that below.

But first…

Summer isn’t a free pass to eat tons of cold ice cream, beverages, or brats and avoid any consequences that come with it (such as weight gain, feeling bloated, or sabotaging your goals.) But it’s the mindset that so many of us have that gets us into trouble. We don’t have to be rigid, or strict, or deprive ourselves.

Rather, when we change how we view food, drinks, and even summertime, we’re able to take actionable steps towards our goals in an empowered way.

You don’t need a “free pass” to eat junk; you can do that whenever you want! You don’t need to restrict calories or go on an intense diet this summer; but you can if you want!

I want to remind each and every one of us that it all starts with how you’re thinking and what’s in your head.

For myself, once I made the switch in my mind from “I can’t have that ice cream” to “I can have all the ice cream I want, but it doesn’t make me feel good and it doesn’t help me reach my goals, so I am CHOOSING to not have it” that’s when I started losing weight and keeping it off.

For my private weight loss coaching clients, it’s important to me that they don’t feel restricted or deprived.

Sometimes losing weight can be challenging, but a lot of goals have obstacles and bumps along the way.

However, weight loss must start with an emotional and mental commitment to wanting to feel and look good for ourselves, and do what’s best for ourselves. That’s how making healthier choices, and opting for a second glass of water instead of a second glass of wine starts to become part of our daily lives.

Here’s the TV segment with a few healthy swaps to get you going for the weekend!

Here are a few tips to enjoying a healthy summer cookout:

You want to stay hydrated. Cut out the soda! And if regular water is boring and you want a soda replacement, try sparkling water. I love La Croix as an alternative to sodas, and they’ve got great refreshing flavors. Try different flavors of sparkling water & fresh lemon

Skip dip for veggies . Most dips are fattening and usually void of nutrients. Try Wild Garden’s Taste of the Mediterranean Marinades that can marinade cooked veggies in 10 minutes!

Ditch regular old chips & dip… For the same reason as above. Try healthy PopChips, with half the fat of regular chips. Make your own simple Greek yogurt dip with fresh herbs, such as dill.

Choose healthy sides.  Many sides contain lots of fillers and high fructose corn syrup, which can contribute to weight gain. Instead, try Wild Garden’s Taste of the Mediterranean Pilafs the Rice and Lentils. Just microwave the bag and eat! They’re easily transportable, and you’ll get lentils and grains for added protein! Another good choice is a simple avocado, bean, and tomato salad, a colorful combo rich in healthy fats–no way you’ll feel deprived when you’re munching on this tasty treat.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy a healthy summer BBQ? Let me know in the comments below!

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