Healthy Meal Prep For Weight Loss As Seen on CBS Chicago

Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour breaks down how to grocery shop and plan out your meals without needing to hire a nutritionist:

Are you struggling with eating healthy foods consistently? Worried that meal prep takes too much time? In the beginner’s guide to meal planning as seen on CBS Chicago, I focused on a few basic tips to leave you feeling like meal prep is manageable, efficient, and something that you can integrate into your everyday life!

1. Focus on eating a protein + at least 1 fruit or veggie per meal, and account for 1-2 snacks per day. Getting in the mindset of this simplistic system is the first step because it sets the tone for your grocery list and your eating schedule!

2. Look at your calendar and plan how many meals you’ll need to make. Do you go out to eat a lot? Do you have a lot of work dinners? How can you stick to a healthy eating plan when you’re eating out a lot? I break it all down for you by checking in with your calendar at the beginning of each week. Write out the meals you’ll be eating out. Then, you can move on to the next step…

3. Make a shopping list. Based on how many meals you’ll be making for yourself, you’ll then be able to see how many breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks you’ll need to grocery shop for.

4. Plan meals that you can make in a batch form. I love making the egg kale bake from my Recipe Book. There are 6 breakfasts that you can make and store very easily out of just one pan!

5. Buy fresh produce & proteins, but have staples in your pantry. I love buying pre-made foods that are healthy, like the rice and lentil pilafs from Wild Garden. Their pilafs include ingredients that you can pronounce which is key when you’re buying pre-made foods. It’s important to check the food labels, and these pilafs taste delicious (while including protein!)

6. Finally, try to use pre-portioned containers to store food. This way you’ll take the guesswork out of how much one serving is AND you’ll already have build-in portion control.

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