Healthy Ways to Kick Off BBQ and Summer Party Season As Seen on WINK TV

After a holiday weekend, maybe you’re feeling a little bloated or off track. But soon, many weekends will be filled with summer parties and BBQs, so how can you keep your health and fitness in check?
Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here with some great tips!

First, get in the right state of mind. Think of food as fuel! You want to eat healthy things so that you physically feel good. It’s not about being on a diet. Diets don’t work! Restricting yourself doesn’t work! And even if it works for a few days or week, diets definitely are not sustainable. Therefore, set yourself up for success by following these tips:
– Drink a lot of water. Hydration is key to keep you from feeling hungry. Sometimes being hungry is a sign that you’re actually thirsty! Drink regular water, coconut water, or WTRMLN WTR to stay hydrated throughout the day!
– When you go to parties, bring a vegetable as a side! Vegetables are the best sides to bring because you’ll ensure that you’re able to eat something healthy. As a women’s weightloss coach, I coach my clients to make veggies either by baking them, steaming them, or making a nice salad. Make sure you’re cooking vegetables in healthy oils, such as this Avocado Oil. Similarly, when using salad dressings, use dressings that contain ingredients you can pronounce. This salad dressing by Primal Kitchen actually also includes avocado oil! So not only are you getting a healthier dressing, but you’re also increasing your healthy fats due to the avocado oil.
– Finally, always make sure you don’t arrive to a party hungry. As a women’s health and fitness expert, I always encourage my clients to eat a healthy snack before going out. This could be a hard boiled egg or some nut butter with an apple!

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