Hottest Workout Trends For 2017 As Seen on FOX Chicago

Looking to change up your workout routine in the new year? Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour shares with us the 5 trendiest new workouts that are sure to make working out fun again!

1. Boutique and trainer gyms are offering more group classes so that you can target specific areas on your body and get in and get out of the gym! Glute Camp is a hot new trend with a derrière pumping, high intensity workout. This class is designated just to working out your booty and anyone can go to it at Hi Fi on the weekends.

2. Live Stream classes on your phone – like yoga or meditation. You can download these on your phone or tables and do them anywhere.

3. Strength training classes called PowerHour at Hi Fi are high intensity workouts with body weight interval training. They’re quick workouts that you can get done in 30 minutes while working your entire body. They’ll show you how to correctly use your body to move heavy items, like a big tire!

4. Remember, focusing on getting your mind in gear is key to being able to lose weight. Boosting your self-confidence in your commitment to yourself will allow these workout trends to last for you! My 30 Day Workbook will help boost your confidence so you can stay committed to yourself.

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