How Building Your Confidence Can Help You Slim Down This Summer

It’s summertime and around this time of year, many women tell me they feel self-conscious about showing more skin in sleeveless shirts, sundresses, shorts, and bathing suits. Because I’m a weight loss coach for women, women often confide in me that they regret not slimming down before the season started and confess that they simply aren’t confident enough in their bodies to enjoy the beautiful weather and summer festivities.

What I find most unfortunate about women lacking confidence is that it works against them when it comes to reaching their health and fitness goals. It sets them up for riding an emotional rollercoaster of stress eating and they adopt a defeatist attitude.

Here’s what I mean: You may start thinking, ‘Why bother? I’ll never look the way I want to look anyway, so I may as well eat this entire bag of chips and sit on the couch,’ after work instead of eating something nourishing and taking a brisk walk.

When you put yourself down and stress yourself out about your body image, it can affect your body’s ability to naturally shed unwanted weight. Over time, having a negative outlook can impact your overall health.

When you don’t like your body and you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t treat yourself well. This is why I’m so adamant about supporting women through the emotional side of the weight loss journey.  I encourage you — right now —  to find what you like about yourself first and then build from there.

Recently, I visited Fox 32 Chicago and sat down with Sylvia Perez to share secrets for slimming down this summer. We talked about specific lower-body leg exercises, upper-body arm exercises, and cardio routines. But we also discussed the importance of addressing the emotional side of unwanted weight. Be sure to watch our conversation in the video below.

The bottom line is, you may be able to step up your workouts to tone up your triceps, biceps, legs, and butt this summer. But for lasting results, you’ll have to work on building self-confidence too — it’s just as important as working out and eating well.

Listen, I want you to enjoy the weather, enjoy the body you’re in, and feel good about yourself right now, no matter what. You deserve it! And because I want you to be happier, healthier, more energetic, and even more confident, I encourage you to start making changes now that will help you maintain a more fit body throughout the year and for the rest of your life.

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