How To Bounce Back Into Working Out From A Workout Rut (As Seen on Fox NYC)

Chicago Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Fox NYC to deliver some professional advice for getting back into a gym routine this fall. However long you’ve been stuck in that rut, whether a few weeks or even a few years, these simple tips will have you back in the habit in no time!

If you’ve read any of my other workout tip blogs, you’ve likely seen me use the phrase “shop ’til you drop”. It’s a concept my private weight loss clients know very well! This time around though, I don’t mean that you have to literally go out and spend money.

Go Shopping In Your Own Closet

Hear me out! Bust out a pair of workout shoes that you haven’t worn in a while and put them on. Just tell yourself that you’re “testing them out”. You can also do this with a workout shirt or pair of capri pants, but this is step one; getting used to putting on your gear again!

Congratulate Yourself

Yes, already! You accomplished the first step, now do something to make yourself feel good about it. Whether you choose to give yourself a card (To Steph, Love Steph!), blow up some balloons, or even give yourself a high-five, any sort of validation to celebrate this new start. Don’t feel silly about it, you deserve to start your new fitness journey off on a positive note!

Get Motivated with Mantras

I’m a huge proponent of mantras and affirmations. What I want you to do is get a piece of paper and physically write out a mantra that will get you motivated. The trick here is to make the mantra in the present tense, so an example would be:

I love my body and working out makes me feel good” as opposed to “I will work out, so that I will feel better and love my body more”.

By manipulating the tense of your mantra, you’re essentially tricking your subconscious into believing it and training your brain to act in accordance with the affirmation.

For more on using mantras and affirmations to change your life and build your confidence check out my 30 day workbook.

Pencil Yourself In

Grab your calendar and let’s make a plan. Schedule out your workouts by the week or even for a full month, but remember to set realistic goals. Now you’ll see it, you’re planned for it, you’ll be less likely to cancel on yourself!

Reward Yourself For Doing the Work

Once you’ve ditched the rut and are back on your feet movin’ and groovin’, now it’s alright to treat yourself a little. With something healthy that is! Set milestones and buy yourself a new workout top or jacket when you’ve reached your goal workouts for the week or month.

I believe in you, you got this, now get out there and enjoy your fitness journey!


As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.


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