How to Make Your Workouts More Fun As Seen on WNEM TV 5

Getting bored of the same old workout routine? Well we’re here to help you get out of a workout rut on today’s Step It Up with Steph!

I’ve got some easy ways that you can spice things up in your workout.

First, change up your workout! Even though it’s so cold outside, something that I enjoy doing is swimming. You can go to your local gym or anywhere that has an indoor pool. You don’t have to swim fast, or for a long time, but it’s important to change up your workout. You can step it up by listening to music while swimming, too! I was surprised to find out that there are actually underwater music players. Finis Duo is a great MP3 to use while swimming because it has the highest quality sound in the water and syncs with your iTunes music library, too! Music is key to getting you more motivated, and research has proven that listening to upbeat songs encourages you to work out harder and longer.

Speaking of music, change your playlist up and add new songs, or old classic ones that you haven’t listened to in a while! This will get your brain’s attention while you’re working out and keep you focused and in the game! You may be getting bored of your playlist and therefore lagging off on your workout – without even noticing it!

Finally, bring a family member with you or a friend and try out some new equipment or workouts. You can even bring your kid! Change up who you’re working out with so that it’s more of an activity rather than a regular old workout. Look for a yoga in the park session or a new gym to try out free for a week!

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