How to Safely Lose 20 lbs by Memorial Day (As Seen on The Jam)

If you’ve made a commitment to weight loss or health in 2018, you’re not alone! Dreaming of your swimsuit body already? Fitness and Nutrition Expert Stephanie Mansour dropped by The Jam to show you how to lose 20 lbs by summer.

Check out my Four Pillars of Holistic Health to stay in the zone and motivated to keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Pillar 1: Nutrition
Pick a nutrition plan that works for you. You can be on a vegan or paleo diet or the Atkin’s or a low FODMAP diet—it doesn’t matter! I know, as a Weight Loss Coach, that the most important thing is to get in tune with the science of your own body!

The goal is to lose 1-2 pounds per week, so the most important thing you can pay attention to (no matter your diet) is regulating your blood sugar. Be sure to eat a protein with a fruit or veggie every few hours to keep sugar and carb cravings down.

Pillar 2: Emotional Health
Maybe you had a great day and stuck to your diet and hit your caloric intake! Hurrah! But then you find yourself bored and alone at home on the couch. What do you do? You start eating!

If you find yourself eating out of boredom, stress, sadness or any other emotional reason, then write down what you’re feeling in a notebook. Once you are in tune with your emotions and understand what is causing you to eat, you will be able to cut back on the excess. Knowledge is power!

Pillar 3: Reward yourself
Treat yourself to things that support your health and fitness. When you reward yourself with something like a new pair of workout shoes for trail running or a stylish tote, like this trendy bag from Holly and Tanager, that you can take straight from work to the gym, you’ll feel really good about continuing to exercise and eat right.

Pillar 4: Physical Health
Keep your fitness routine fun and fresh. If you’re bored at the gym or your strength training circuit no longer gives you the results you want, try something new.

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