How to Work Your Entire Core with a Stability Ball Exercise with Celebrity Trainer Astrid Swan (As Seen on Self)

Working the entire core can be tough during a workout, but the V-up and then a V-up twist move is a great way to engage your entire core. This move uses a stability ball and is a great way to engage your entire core during a workout.

Astrid Swan, celebrity personal trainer, says that this two core-centric move workout is effective in engaging your entire core and improving your ability to tackle your day-day life. The move requires balance, flexibility in your upper and lower back and strength from your inner thighs and multifidus (a thin muscle that runs along the spine).

The move is challenging but can be modified based on your own level of strength in your abs, legs and arms.

If you’re doing the movement correctly you’ll really feel it all throughout your core!

If you’re interested in learning more about this core workout and how to make these moves work in your own workout routine, make sure you check out this article from Self! Click here.



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