How to Workout Outside this Fall As Seen on WNEM TV 5

Wearing a lot of layers doesn’t need to prevent you from getting in a workout outside this Fall. We’re sharing some great ideas with the best health and fitness expert, Stephanie Mansour.

I’ve got some easy tips that you can start using with your kids after school today!

First, obviously raking the leaves or shoveling snow will burn X number of calories. The average sized person can burn up to 200 calories in 30 minutes by shoveling snow!

Do more strength training outside to warm up faster. You can go in your front yard and do a circuit workout: Squats, push ups, and then repeat.

Finally, take your pet (or child) on a walk and speed up the pace for a block, then slow it down. If you’re wearing snow boots and walking in the snow, it makes this even more challenging!

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