Hunger Vs. Emotional Eating As Seen On Fox Chicago

Life Coach & Health Expert Stephanie Mansour is here with ways to tell if your body is hungry or if you’re just looking for comfort food, and how to stop it so you don’t sabotage your goals.

First, you’ve got a new TV show for women working on this issue, right?! YES, we have the Step It Up with Steph TV Show that airs every Saturday at 10am on WTTW PBS. Step It Up with Steph is the women’s weekly dose of health, fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment where we delve into a new topic each week, ranging from anxiety, being a workaholic, and having lower back pain.

It’s hard to know a lot of the time if we are eating out of pure hunger, or if we are eating because we have crazy emotions taking over our minds! So what are the 5 signs to know if you’re eating out of emotions or out of hunger?

1. Mindless Eating: the first way to tell if you’re eating from emotions or if you’re actually hungry, is if you’re eating mindlessly. When you get home from work, do you sit down and eat a whole box of crackers while reading or watching TV, before you even realize it?! This is likely from your emotions because you are used to doing this. Hence, this is only a habit that we are able to break. A tip for this is portion control. Pour some of The Daily Crave’s healthy lentil chips into a bowl or into a plastic bag and then put the rest of the bag away! If you are going to splurge, make sure it is with a healthy choice. The Daily Crave’s lentil chips are a healthy option to satisfy your chip cravings.

2. Rewarding Yourself: Having a food reward that you are looking forward to all day long is a key sign that you are eating out of emotions. Instead, make reading a chapter of a book, taking a walk to a park, or doing 20 minutes of yoga your reward for after a long day. You will slowly be able to break yourself from this habit and have less emotional eating!

3. Eating a Whole Candy Bar: Even if you are going through some emotional times, eating a whole candy bar will continue to sabotage your weight loss goals. Instead, break off a piece of the bar and put it on a plate. Then, you are making it known to yourself that you are only eating a portion of it, and you won’t drown your emotions in the candy.

4. Bored: When you’re bored, you want to reach for something that is going to spike your energy. To avoid this emotional eating, KNOW when the last time you ate protein was. If you haven’t eaten in 3-4 hours, then you are actually are hungry and need protein.

5. Lonely: When you’re lonely, you begin to use food as COMFORT. Instead of reaching for unhealthy options, pick healthier, individually portioned foods that will allow you to stay within the amount you need to eat.

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