How To Lose Weight Over the Holidays (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

‘Tis the season to be eating! With the colder weather often comes an increase in comfort foods. Baking Christmas cookies and pies is a wonderful way to spread cheer and bond with your family, but what about the dreaded holiday weight gain?

Don’t work hard at your fitness goals only to toss them aside for the last few weeks of the year. Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour shares a few tips for how to beat the cycle of holiday weight gain!

Being on a diet during the holiday season is no fun. Instead of trying to be super strict with yourself, find ways to make your cravings fit your goals.

I don’t wish for my private weight loss clients to feel deprived during this joyous time of year, but at the same time I also want them to succeed! Here are a few helpful ideas for healthier twists on some of your favorite foods.

Eat What You Crave- Mindfully

Craving a salty snack? Kale chips are an easy-to-make, guilt-free alternative to regular chips! Also they are available prepackaged at most health food stores.

Have a fierce need of french fries? Make baked sweet potato fries instead! Conveniently, you can also now purchase these from the frozen section at your local grocery store!

Friday night pizza? Yeah! You can still have that! Cauliflower is huge right now and for good reason. It’s low-carb, chock full of nutrients, and delicious! Making your own cauliflower crust isn’t always an option, so if you’re short on time pick up a frozen CauliPower pizza!

CAULIPOWER products use real cauliflower and nothing synthetic, resulting in nutrient-rich, naturally gluten-free options lower in calories, sugar, sodium and fat. And special to Chicago, CAULIPOWER has a claw machine at the Shops at North Bridge. Players win mini pizza boxes with pizza coupons, cauliflower stress balls, and more free prizes through December 21st!

Here’s The Deal

Make deals with yourself. You can stay on top of your healthy habits with just a little bit of planning.

For example: If you know you’re going out with coworkers for happy hour, or have extra errands/events causing you to miss a workout; set your alarm clock for just 5 min earlier that morning. Get up, put on your workout shoes, go into your bathroom and jog in place for those 5 minutes.

Another great idea for keeping yourself mentally healthy is to bring a self help book along with you to work. Set a timer and read for 5 minutes of your lunch break.

These little habits will keep your head in the game, you got this!

Keep An Attitude of Gratitude

Shift your focus away from the holiday spread of goodies and instead reward yourself with good conversation. Be grateful to be around family, with friends, to simply be present.

Take time out to just be by yourself, sit on your yoga mat, and do a bit of meditation on everything you’re thankful for this year. Put on some headphones, check out a free meditation app like Insight Timer, and zen out!

Also, I include both yoga and meditation on my Step It Up with Steph DVD which is available for purchase here.

It makes sense that when you feel good you make better choices for yourself. Let this be the positive cycle that you repeat every year!

Happy Holidays!


As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.


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