Marathon Must-Haves: Tips & Gear You Need for Running 26.2 Miles (as seen on

Health and wellness expert Stephanie Mansour shares marathon must-haves including tips and gear to help you run 26.2.

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Whether you’re training to run your first marathon or you’re looking to improve on a personal record you can better prepare with the right tips and gear.

As a weight loss coach, many of the clients in my weight loss programs for women set big goals for themselves. From running their first 5k to running marathons and beyond, training for and participating in organized races can be a fun and impactful way to drop unwanted pounds, get fit, and enhance an overall healthy lifestyle.

But if you do not ensure proper self-care when training or running a race, you can open yourself up for disappointment. It’s important to do what it takes to boost your endurance and performance, avoid injury, and minimize the wear and tear long-distance running can put on your body.

In a recent article for the Today Show, I share tips on how to do the best stretches to warm up before your run and cool down after your run. Plus, I worked with the editorial team to round up a list of the top gear we suggest to improve your running game.

Read Marathon must-haves if you are thinking about running those 26.2 miles…

When your feet are pounding the pavement, your body will thank you for wearing proper foot and ankle support with Aline Shoe Insoles and the FUTURO Foot Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer.

If you’re looking to improve your overall performance and time, it helps to keep a close eye on changes in your cardio endurance and physiology with the Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker and the Armitron Sport Women’s Digital Chronograph Watch.

You’ll also need a place to stash snacks and other necessity, so a fanny pack made especially for runners, such as RBX Active Running Waist Pack, is a must-have for any long-distance run.

To soothe body aches and pains and foot cracking, reach for a topical cream, such as TheraGold Pain Relief Cream and Footnanny Foot Cream. Plus, reduce soreness and speed up recovery by giving yourself a massage with Tiger Tail Massage Stick.

For more tips, including specific advice on the best stretches before and after your runs, you can read the article here.

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