Mental Exercises to Feel Beach-Ready

There are tons of physical exercises and tips on how to get “beach-ready,” but today we’re talking about how you can do some mental exercises to get beach-ready:

-Whether or not you have the “perfect body” doesn’t matter. It’s what you think about your body that makes a difference. Analyze what you say to yourself on a regular basis. Do you say mean or insulting things to yourself, or do you pump yourself up?

-Notice when you compare how you look to other women. Do you constantly wish you had “her stomach” or were as thin as someone else? Notice how often you tell yourself that you’re “not good enough,” and how it makes you feel. You’ll surely slump and your posture will suffer when you feel this way about yourself, and this does not help you to feel beach-ready!

-Look at yourself in the mirror while you are brushing your teeth and say motivational things. Reprogram yourself to talk positively about your body, saying “I like my stomach” or “My face is pretty.”

-Place a sticky note near your computer with a positive comment about your body. By engaging in positive self-talk, you’ll instantly start feeling better about yourself and more confident in your body – whether you’re in a bikini at the beach or in a suit at work.

Do you want start feeling more confident in your body and in yourself? Check out my workbook below and learn how to get on track to an improved you. Women everywhere are benefiting from it!

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