Morning Routine to Boost Your Mind (as seen on CNN)

While everyone has their own unique version of the ‘perfect morning routine’, here’s a morning routine workout that will also help to boost your mind! Research shows that cardiovascular exercise can help to enlarge the part of your brain that leads to learning – the hippocampus. 

Exercise has many positive impacts on the body such as improving your mood, memory, and mind. As a health and fitness coach in Chicago, I always recommend that my clients do short little morning routines such as this one to improve their overall mood and mind. 

This routine starts with cardio – but not just going for a jog. I recommend dancing around your room! This has been proven to give you more benefits than a more traditional form of cardio. Then it’s time for a little strength training to get your muscles going! Finally, you’re going to do some yoga to decrease your stress levels with some relaxing zen time. 

If you’re interested in seeing the full morning workout routine and different ways to incorporate its benefits into your daily workouts, then check out this article from CNN. Click here



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