Most Common Running Mistakes & Fixes (as seen on NBC News better)

If you’re anything like some of my private weight loss clients, you’re lacing up your running shoes and getting ready for running season! Many of them have goals to participate in events like a 5k or a half marathon, but they feel as if they are running in ways that are more hurtful to their bodies than helpful. 

One common mistake made in running is overstriding. When you’re taking too big of a step when you run, you face the risk of placing too much stress on your joints. I always recommend clients try doing Pilates workouts if they’re struggling with taking too big of a step!

If you overstride, the gate of another common running mistake opens – not taking enough steps per minute. A lower step count can lead to heel striking, which will ultimately slow you down. Ultimately, you want to be at 90 steps a minute. 

Some of my overzealous clients want to take on too much, too fast. This is another mistake to avoid! I suggest slowly building up how far you’re running instead of rushing into running a marathon. This way you’re giving your body time adjust to what you’re putting it through!

Dragging your feet is another running mistake that I often see. Not picking up your feet is actually one of the most common mistakes made! It’s important to work your hamstring so you’ll be able to pick up your feet higher and increase your speed. 

The final common running mistake actually doesn’t involve running… It has to do with the shoes you’re running in! When you run in old shoes or shoes that aren’t the right size you aren’t receiving the proper support your foot needs, therefore might experience pain after running. It’s suggested to get a new pair of running shoes every 4-6 months! 

If you’re interested in seeing all the best fixes for these common running mistakes, check out this article that I wrote for NBC News Better! Click here



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