Motivational Speaking from Marissa’s Wrap Party

Last week we showed you Marissa’s Wrap Party video and inspiring words from Marissa.

Steph, Marissa, and Dr. Raby

This week, we’ve got exclusive footage of Dr. Raby from the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern and some words from Hope Jelinek-Berry, who did in-home massage and energy work for Marissa. Check it out!

Dr. Raby talks about how to honor yourself as a WHOLE – not just for weight loss or when you’re on a diet plan. And Hope talks about her joys of working with Marissa. We were so fortunate to have The Raby Institute and Hope Jelinek-Berry on our team – thank you!!

Hope Jelinek-Berry (middle) helped Marissa Step It Up!

Hope shares her journey with Marissa.

Dr. Raby showing her support for Marissa.

Stay tuned next week, when we hear what people are saying about how Marissa has personally inspired them!

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