My Harvard Pics + The #1 Key To Having Better Luck

Today I’m sharing with you what I believe is the #1 key to having better luck.

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Last weekend I visited my littlest sister who lives in Boston and attends Harvard. Even though I did go to a great academic school, the University of Michigan, I’m proud to say that my little sister has indeed shown me up in the world of academics! 🙂 Go Christine! In an attempt to “be more like her when I grow up”, here’s a pic of me going for the intellectual look:

Someone once told me that there’s no such thing as luck. Rather, luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity. Let that sink in for a minute. What does that mean, exactly? Well, when you are prepared for something, and an opportunity arises, you are in luck. You are lucky. You have good luck.

Take this picture of my sister for example:

She has pens that color-code her week. On Monday she uses a black pen, Tuesday a blue one, etc. She has set up a system to prepare her for opportunities that test her intelligence, such as tests, exams, and even open-book exams where thanks to her color-coding, she’ll be better able to find her notes because they will be organized by day and lecture.

This relates to our bodies, too. How many people see an attractive, in-shape woman and think: Wow, she’s lucky. Or, how many times have you said, “She’s so lucky. She has it all.”

Let’s say, for example, that you just feel unlucky because you have tried a bunch of diets, and none of them have worked for you. But you know countless people who have tried the same diets and they work! So, you assume that they must just be lucky, and you’re not so lucky. When really, what’s actually going on is that they are prepared, in one capacity or another, better than you are for the opportunity of this particular diet.

(How many people in this lecture at Harvard do you think were prepared to seize the opportunity to soak in all the professor had to offer?)

They are prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially for the opportunity that the diet (or in this case, the lecture) presents. The problem therefore isn’t that you aren’t lucky; it’s that you’re not prepared for the opportunity or the opportunity isn’t right for you at that time.

There’s another saying that goes, “When the student arrives, the teacher appears.” In other words, when you are ready to learn, when you’re ready to change, when you’re ready to grow, and when you’re prepared to take that next step, the opportunity and the teacher will appear.

What’s the #1 key to having better “luck”? Being prepared for the opportunities that you want to take advantage of and that will make you feel “lucky”.

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P.S. I have 1 more space left in my 3 month Diamond Program! Fill out a client assessment form here ASAP if you’re interested!


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