Partner Workout: Dancing Lunges with Jenny Milkowski

Women’s Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour partners with TV personality Jenny Milkowski to show you another fun way to ramp up your lunges. Definitely put on some tunes for this one, you’re about to get jiggy with it!

So lunges are already pretty awesome for your cardiovascular system, but when you add a workout partner you can get even more out of this staple exercise. These Irish Jig style lunges will work your entire lower body like none other. Prepare yourself for an order of that good glute burn with a side of quads and ham!

Watch the video to get the low-down on proper form and hear some high-quality buddy banter.

Side note: Kicking your dance partner is neither encouraged nor endorsed by this Weight Loss Coach 😉

Dance it out!


Steph and Jenny

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Steph & Jenny Talking

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