Partner Workout: Pilates Half Roll Down with Jenny Milkowski

Ready for a fun Pilates move that’ll whip you into shape? We thought so! Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour teams up with TV Personality Jenny Milkowski to show you an exercise that serves double-duty by challenging both your core muscles and your shoulders.

All you need for this awesome workout is a buddy and a light pair of dumbbells. Okay, and a good attitude is optional, but highly recommended!

Start seated, hold hands and leeeeean back. Actually it’s more of a roll back, but you get the idea! Keep your heels on the ground, abs in tight, then press your weight above your head. Reverse the movement to come back and go again. Don’t forget to switch sides at some point.

Happy Lifting!


Steph and Jenny

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Steph & Jenny Lean Back

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