Partner Workout: Tandem Lunges with Jenny Milkowski

Let’s talk lower body strength with tandem lunges! Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour and TV Personality Jenny Milkowski team up again to bring you an awesome partner workout. Lose the weight and have all the fun!

Nothing says toned butt like a lunge. But wait there’s more! Lunges work your entire lower body and help stabilize the core. They might be a little too good to be true. If you aren’t doing lunges, you need to be! Check out the video to learn how to do a fun partner workout with tandem lunges. Get in sync with your favorite workout buddy and step up your fitness game!

As a private weight loss coach, living well and having fun at the same time. If you’ve ever dreaded going to the gym, mix things up and try partner workouts instead.

Let me know how it goes!


Steph and Jenny

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