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These Recipes Will Change
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The 7-Day Flexible Meal Plan is Chock Full of:

  • Doctor-approved delicious, fast, and easy recipes that you'll love!
  • Meals that follow anti-inflammatory principles -- they're low in sugar and carbs.
  • Simple, clean, and fresh, ways to minimize the junk that weighs you down.
  • An "everything you need" grocery list that takes the guesswork out of shopping for food.

Whether you love to cook or you can barely boil water,
this book contains recipes that are sure to become
your go-to faves while you're losing the weight
and keeping it off.


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I never paid attention to what I ate or drank…Now, I’m fitting into sizes I haven’t worn since high school. I lost 83 lbs in 12 weeks. This has completely changed my life. I love the way I feel and look and my energy is at an all-time high.”

– Marissa

Yes! I Want It!

Stephanie Mansour of Step It Up with Steph is a Health & Fitness Expert and Confidence & Lifestyle Coach for women. Steph’s four pillars of holistic health (physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual) are the foundation of her work with women. She coached and trained her reality TV show client to lose 80+ lbs in 12 weeks on NBC Chicago without any diets or gimmicks.

Yes! I Want It!