Pumpkin Core Strength Exercise with Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski

TV Personality Jenny Milkowski and Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour teamed up to bring you this fall-inspired partner workout! Work your core stability, glutes and quads with this easy and fun pumpkin exercise.

Working out is way more fun with a friend! I encourage all the clients in my weight loss programs for women to grab their bestie and make their workouts fun and funny. When you make your time at the gym a positive experience, it’s much easier to stick to your fitness goals.

As a weight loss coach, health and fitness are my expertise but also my passion! That’s why I’m always looking for creative ways to spice up workouts to help women lose weight and make it last.

Core Strength Exercise with a Pumpkin

This exercise works your core stability to help you tone your abs after the Thanksgiving feasting! It is also a great exercise to build muscle and strength in your glutes and quads.

1) You and your partner face each other in a lunge position.

2) Stay in the lunge while you weave the pumpkin underneath and above your thighs.

3) Pass the pumpkin to your partner while lifting through your heels and standing in sync with your partner. She takes the pumpkin and you both lower into a lunge again while she passes the pumpkin over and beneath her thighs.

4) Focus on engaging your core and staying tight and stable. Smile!

Try to do at least three sets of ten passes! Go for more sets if you can!

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