Quick Fixes for Summer Health Issues as Featured on Today.com

Chicago weight loss and health coach, Stephanie Mansour, shares advice from top health experts on how to fix common summer health issues in an article for Today.com

Almost everyone loves something about summertime — sunnier days, family vacations, or lazy Saturday afternoons. But with hotter temperatures in Chicago and across the nation, we should all be on alert about summer health issues and what to do about them.

As a weight loss coach for women, I focus on helping my clients get into a fat-burning zone and avoid being sabotaged by environmental factors. However, as the temperatures heat up each year, a new set of challenges arise.

In a recent article for The Today Show, I tapped top health experts to give us the lowdown on how to stay cool this summer and how to address our summer health challenges, such as:

  • what to do if you’re constipated on summer vacation,
  • how to get better sleep on hot summer nights,
  • why you’re always thirsty in the summer and what to do about it,
  • how to treat summer exercise injuries,
  • ways to be healthier while traveling,
  • and more…

When working with my private weight loss coaching clients, I often address challenges that could be interfering with their ability to feel their best and reach their goals. A few issues that come up frequently include sleep, staying hydrated, and handling food cravings with a busy social calendar or while traveling during the summer.

My Chicago-area weight loss clients are always on the go and like to enjoy food and drinks! But it’s important to keep cravings in check, and this is something that we do with the help of a Dr. of Naturopathy in Chicago who consults with clients in our weight loss programs.

Check out the article to read advice from experts such as Dr. Lynn M. O’Connor, Dr. Robert Glatter, Dr. Ali Sadrieh, nutritionist Beth Nydick, Dr. Christopher S. Colwell, and Dr. Ralph E. Holsworth for more ways you can quickly address summer health problems!

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