Quick Snacks for the Beach

Spending the whole day at the beach? Make sure you are eating every three to four hours to avoid headaches and low energy. Here are some quick snacks to take to the beach. (They were recently featured on Diets in Review, too! Click here for the full article.)

– Cut up watermelon: this fruit is loaded with water and is a great cool-me-down snack. Cut some up and put it in a plastic container – you don’t even need silverware!

– Trail mix (sans chocolate): Mix together some nuts and dried fruit for a sweet and nutritious snack that won’t melt.

– An apple and individual peanut butter packs: Squeeze some gooey peanut butter onto bites of your apple.
A protein smoothie: make this at home and take it in an insulated go-cup!

Often times, all it takes is a little bit of planning ahead to stay on a healthy eating plan. Along with planning also comes the routine of eating every few hours instead of saving up for a couple of big meals during the day. By maintaining an eating plan that consists of eating protein every three to four hours, you’ll never be hungry and you’ll also speed up your metabolism.

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