Quick Techniques for Getting What You Want

Today I’m sharing with you some quick techniques for getting exactly what you want.

First, you must get clear on what exactly you want.

  1. Do you really want to lose 10 lbs because you hate your body, OR do you really want to like how your body looks and feels?
  2. Do you really want to restrict your calories to lose weight, OR do you really want to have more energy and feel lighter by eating healthier?
  3. Do you really want to hang around with that friend who always makes you feel bad about yourself, OR do you want to find new friends and are just afraid of meeting new people?
  4. Often times what we SAY we want is not what we actually want – there’s something deeper!

Start taking actions towards what you want.

  1. Years ago while searching for a new apartment, I contacted everyone I knew who could help me figure out where I wanted to live and how I could find my dream apartment.
  2. Similarly, one small action (like adding a side salad to your meal) signals to yourself that you’re taking action towards and putting effort into getting what you want.

Visualize what you want.

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of sticky notes!! I love posting them on mirrors and other places where I look throughout the day. Seeing the words, “I love my body” actually sink into your subconscious so that you start subconsciously believing and ACTING like you love your body.
  2. Write down what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror, and put this sticky note on your bathroom mirror.

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