Quiz: What Compliments Say About You + New Promo Vid!

In honor of National Compliment Day (yesterday!), we’re talking about how you receive compliments and what they say about you!

1. When someone compliments you, do you say, “Thank You” and not really believe it, do you start making excuses for how the compliment is not true, or do you flat our refuse the compliment?
2. When someone compliments you, do you feel embarrassed?
3. When someone compliments you, does it totally make your day?
4. When someone compliments you, do you wonder why they are saying something nice to you?

Reflect on your answers for a moment.

Now, here’s what your answers may mean:
1. If you don’t really believe the compliment, analyze why. Are you too hard on yourself? If you start making excuses for the compliment or discount it, how would your confidence increase if you actually believed it? Is your confident self not shining through more often because you actually don’t feel confident about this compliment? Finally, if you refuse the compliment – how dare you! You’re taking away someone ability to give you a gift of kind words – why is it up to you whether or not that person is correct? People feel good when they make others feel good, so instead of turning away the gift of the compliment, simply say, “Thank You” and work on why your first reaction is to not want to receive it.

2. If you feel embarrassed, why is that? Are you being complimented on a part of you that was in hiding or you didn’t think was visible? Why don’t you want this part to be visible or complimented?

3. If compliments totally make your day, do you feel like you don’t have enough internal compliments (read: positive self talk!) going on so you need to find your validation from an outside source?

4. If you wonder how on earth someone would say something nice to you, what about yourself are you not valuing? Why is someone else worthy of a compliment, but you are not?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!


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