Ready. Set. Stress-Free Travel.

Whether you’re reading this post already poolside on your last summer get-a-way, or you’re leaving today for an overnight adventure, I have the traveling tips you need to make sure your Labor Day weekend is stress-free and healthy! I recently joined the team at abc7 Chicago to talk travel tactics! 

If your trip includes plans to unwind by indulging in a few cocktails, make sure you also stay hydrated with healthy fluids. In addition to water, there are drinks that will replenish your electrolytes to keep you feeling great. One that I recommend is  WTRMLN WTR. This drink has no sugar additives and is made up of only three ingredients. As an added bonus- WTRMLN WTR contains six times the electrolytes of competitor sports drinks! My favorite way to enjoy it? In a white wine spritzer for a little watermelon infused twist!

Traveling can be exhausting (especially if you’re traveling with kids!), so in order to keep your natural energy flow, I recommend avoiding extra coffee and energy drinks during travel days. Instead, do some stretching during your road trip pit stops or while standing in line at the airport. Stretching helps you regain your energy in a natural way.

If you’re anything like me and suffer from motion sickness, you need to include some extra planning before you jet off. Ginger is a natural form of nausea relief, so packing things like ginger candy, Gingerade Kombucha, and ginger ale can really help! If you don’t suffer from motion sickness, but suffer from travel stress or anxiety, how about packing a stress ball in your carryon? Take a few squeezes to get some relief!

Now, what about healthy food options while traveling? You can’t avoid eating (nor should you), but in order to feel good, you have to make good choices. Look for chips or crackers that have some health benefits. I really like popchips because they have ½ the fat of regular potato chips. If you’re looking for a healthy snack bar that won’t melt in the heat of the car or bottom of a purse, try Evo hemp bars. They come in many flavors and are packed with hunger satisfying protein.

Lastly, if you’re looking to maximize upgrades on your trip, there are a few things you can do to enhance your probability of getting upgraded. Think outside the box and offer to write a review for a hotel, front desk manager or gate agent at the airport. Aside from increasing your probability of an upgrade, you will also make their day! Holiday weekends are very stressful for people in the travel and hospitality industry. So, you really can’t go wrong with this tactic.

Wherever your holiday weekend takes you, I hope it’s stress-free, healthy, safe and FUN! Interested in more health and fitness tips? Tune in to Step It Up With Steph here.

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