Simple Summer Workout with Only 3 Workout Moves (As Seen on CNN’s HLN)

Summer is here, so I love to take my workouts outside! Even if I’m just outside for a few minutes, I love soaking in the Vitamin D that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I came up with this 6 minute workout that uses 3 moves that you can do without any gym equipment! 


Whether you want to do these 3 workout moves indoors or outdoors, this full body workout routine will only take you 6 minutes. I love them because while they’re effective enough to get your heart rate going, they don’t require you to use any equipment. They’re also perfect to do wherever you are – on the go or at the gym! 

If you’re interested in these 3 moves that can tighten and tone your full body that I shared with CNN’s HLN, click here! 



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