Sports Bras for Every Price Point (As Seen on NBC News Better)

Spring is here and along with it might come your desire to start or even recommit to a fitness routine. Although new gym shoes are important, so is what you’re wearing and how comfortable it is. The comfort level of the sports bra your wearing can really affect your workout. Here’s some info on how to find your best bra.

Finding a good sports bra is tough and can be affected by many things such as your bust size, if you’re running inside or outside and the intensity of the workout.

I talked to Dr. Bradford Butler, chiropractor, about how a larger bust effects your body during a workout and how to find the best sports bra for your body type.

Then to get an insiders opinion I asked, Caryn Lubetsky, an Endurance Athlete and an Ultra Marathon Runner World Record Holder and Nieve Corrigan, professional ballerina with the New York City Ballet and World-Class Free Climber Steph Davis about what makes them choose a sports bra.

If you’re interested in learning more about finding the best sports bra for your workout and/or body type make sure you check out this article from NBC News Better, click here!



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