Summer Swaps to Sweat Less with Weight Loss As Seen on WINK TV

If weight loss is on your mind, listen up: With the temps on the rise, our Weight Loss Coach and Health Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here! She’s sharing with us summer swaps so you don’t have to sweat, literally, about your weight loss goals:

Steph, you’re telling us not to sweat weight loss mentally, but also that we don’t have to sweat physically? What do you mean?

Well, first, let’s not sweat the small stuff. IF you have a bite here and there of something unhealthy, move on, and get over it!

But, if you’re going for ice cream or a smoothie every afternoon outside, let’s make it a fat burning snack filled with protein. Add in some protein powder. My favorite is Vega Protein. You can add in this chocolate flavor into your chocolate milk everyday!

Next, if you don’t want to sweat for a workout, take a 60 second stretch break. Ready? Here, do these neck stretches with me. Just get your body moving so that you remember what it feels like to exercise and stretch.

Next, start with baby steps. Focus on eating more protein and setting an alarm on your phone to eat every few hours. This is what I do with my private weight loss clients to make sure they’re speeding up their metabolism and eating every few hours.

Finally, put a lock on your junk food cabinet so you actively have to open it if you want a late night snack.

A lot of these tricks have worked with my private weight loss clients, and the ladies in my Free 21 Day Challenge, where you can lose up to 16 lbs in just 3 weeks! As the top weight loss coach for women and a health and fitness speaker for corporations, I can break it all down for you so that weight loss is simple, easy, and effective!

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