How to Overeat at Thanksgiving Without Feeling Guilty

Health and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour dropped by ABC Chicago to share how to add more nutrition to your Thanksgiving meal without sacrificing any of your favorite foods! Learn simple ways to beat the food coma and how to detox if you do overeat with this video about the surprising health benefits of your Thanksgiving favorites.

Everyone worries about eating too much on Thanksgiving. Maybe you have a weight loss goal you’re trying to meet and think that means skipping out on the joy of your favorite Thanksgiving foods. As a weight loss coach and health expert, let me officially take that worry away!

4 Delicious Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Check out these four great ways to get the most out of your Thanksgiving meal and still feel like you got to indulge and enjoy every bite! While I provide custom meal plans for the clients in my weight loss programs for women, these ideas work for everyone no matter your dietary restrictions.

Green Bean Casserole Dressing

Green Bean Casserole is a family favorite in my home. So what do I do? I use it to dress about other roasted and sautéed veggies! Spoon the casserole on to roasted Brussel sprouts or sautéed asparagus.

Or, go a step further and add the Brussel sprouts and asparagus to your traditional green bean casserole recipe! This way, it tastes just the way you crave, but you get more fiber and nutrients so you fill up on the good stuff and have fewer cravings for the bad stuff!

Veggie Stuffed Stuffing

Take your favorite stuffing and add in two cups of cauliflower! You won’t even be able to tell it’s in there. Seriously! Cooked cauliflower has a texture similar to stuffing and it takes on the flavors of the food and spices you blend it with, so you can trick yourself (and your guests) into eating more veggies while still indulging in the comfort of a warm and hardy stuffing.

You can even sprinkle some cauliflower on top of the stuffing for added flair. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about anyway, right?

Gobble up that Protein

Focus on that turkey! The protein from turkey helps stabilize your blood sugar levels which spike with all the starches and desserts. Protein helps you feel more satisfied as you indulge in all those tasty sides! It helps you feel great longer with fewer overwhelming cravings.

Pumpkin Pie for Mental Health

Ever think, “Oh, I can’t have that piece of pie.” No way! You can and you should (yes, I’m a weight loss coach and I just said that!). Health is a journey for life. That’s why it’s so important to practice holistic thinking when it comes to food. If you always deprive yourself, it’s more likely that in a moment of stress or weakness you will overindulge and then feel sick or ashamed or frustrated with your weight loss journey.

But if you learn to rethink your approach to food, particularly desserts, you can treat yourself and break free of the destructive cycle that comes from living in extremes.
So have a piece of pie! Just not ten pieces! And maybe, think about cutting the slice of pie in half. Give yourself permission to enjoy and savor every bite.

Bonus: How to Detox the Day After WITH Thanksgiving leftovers

After a decadent day of feasting, the best thing you can do the next morning is to jumpstart your metabolism. Set yourself up for success by getting lots of protein at breakfast. Then, focus on eating easily digestible foods, like cooked veggies and lean proteins throughout the day.

Try this tasty breakfast idea:
Crumble leftover pumpkin pie crust into muffin tins, crack an egg inside, fill with turkey and green beans and cook in oven until warmed through and eggs are firm!

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