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Best Workout Plan for a Toned & Strong Butt (As Seen on NBC News Better)

Around this time of year many women want to tighten and tone their butt. Doing this can help them feel more confident in their jeans, as well as giving them overall stronger lower body! 

Toning up your glutes and your legs can help you to speed up your metabolism while you’re burning fat. When you tone your glutes you’re managing to do many things at once, such as achieving well-rounded definition for your butt while also improving your balance. I teamed up with NBC News Better to bring you a 31 day plan that is sure to tighten and tone your glutes! This plan can be done daily and includes 3 categories of exercises that can help tone each muscle in your glutes. If you’re interested in this free 31 day plan, click here! 



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Video: Killer Butt Workout!

Here’s the video for the Killer Butt Workout – enjoy!


Killer (6 minute) Butt Workout

Before starting the actual moves (there are only two!), you first need to play some upbeat music. This is essential to the success of this Killer Butt Workout! I recommend Top Hits or any upbeat music that you like – you will need two songs to complete this workout. 🙂

For the first song, your left foot will not move. Step forward with your right foot into a lunge, (as shown below – knee does NOT go past the ankle!)

Then push off your heal and come back to center.

Then step to the right with your right foot, bend the right knee, and push off your heal and come back to center.

Essentially, you are lunging to the front, back to center, then lunging to the side, back to center. Repeat this for the duration of the first song, to the beat of the music!

– Once the second song comes on, switch sides! Now your right foot will remain in place, and the left foot will lunge forward, back to center, then lunge to the left, back to center.

This workout sounds simple, but you’ll feel the burn when you’re 3 choruses in to each of the songs!

Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below – did anyone feel the burn like I did, for days?!

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