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Taking It To the Streets: Blizzard Motivation

We are in the midst of a blizzard in Chicago! Last night I “Took It to the Streets” to find out why Chicagoans are motivated to go outside when it’s not only freezing out, but also snowing everywhere! Check out my awesome and random guests, whose motivation ranges from going to work, going to the gym, and getting some 1/2 off pizza!

Motivational Mondays: What Got You Moving This Wknd?!

So I did something crazy and strange this weekend…I went on a “Bar Run” with a serious running group and some friends. The run was 5 miles total, and after each mile you stop at a bar. It’s a planned and timed route, with over 50 people! At first I was very apprehensive about this: Is it safe to be drinking and running (NOT REALLY), and how taxing will this be on everyone’s body (30 degrees + most likely dehydrated of water and full of alcohol + exhausting muscles = bad combo). But, I decided to test it out even though (given the above apprehensions) I was a bit nervous.

Unfortunately I lost some footage, but here’s a brief recap of the run, which ended up being great! What got YOU moving this weekend, AND what is the craziest way you’ve worked out??

Food Workers Step It Up

If you got my newsletter, you know I’ve had a problem with chips and ice cream the past couple of days…! So, that prompted me to ask: How do people who are surrounded by food at their jobs avoid binge eating or avoid snacking all day long??